Pick & Mix

Relive your most loved childhood memory at the cinema or a local feast where you get to enjoy your favourite mix of delicious sweets again. Choose from a wide range of pick and mix candy, including; Marshmallows, gummy sweets, jelly beans, licorice, sour candy and chocolate pieces. Simply choose your favourite candy, total grams, and get your mix of tasty candy right to your door with our candy delivery service in Malta & Gozo.

Gummy Mix
Jelly Babies
Cola Bottles
Wine Gums
Sour Mix
Sour Apples
Foamy Bananas
Fried Eggs
Flying Saucers tub
Gummy Bears
Blu Sharks
Red Bricks
Jelly Beans
Strawberry Puffs
Coconut Mushrooms
Dolly Mixture
Rainbow Drops
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