From the classic drinks you love, all the way to never seen in Malta before, we have a wide range of drinks to fit everyone’s taste and cravings. So, whether you’re looking for a boost of energy, a refreshing soft drink, flavoured water with flavour mixes or one of the classics including milk, coffee, creamers or hot chocolates.

Fanta Berry
Fanta Grape
Fanta Strawberry
Ramune Yuzu
Fanta Peach
Kool Aid Black Cherry
Warheads drink
A&W Rootbeer
Ramune Yogurt
Kool Aid Green Apple
Kool Aid Cherry
Kool Aid Pink Lemonade
Dr Pepper Cremesoda
Pepsi Shot
Ramune Cream Soda
Ramune Strawberry
Big Red
DrPepper Cherry
Kool Aid Tropical Punch
Kool Aid Lemon & Lime
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